Great communication is an on-going conversation. It’s not a series of one-off events but a never-ending debate; a continuous sharing of ideas and opinions that builds understanding and develops a collective sense of purpose and identity.

Every act of communication contributes to the conversation, playing its part in a coherent strategy designed to meet the goals of the organisation and the needs of the people working in it.

At GNIUS we believe a great strategy will bring your vision to life; give your communications meaning, inspire action, instigate change, increase commitment and enable your people and your organisation to be more effective and more successful.



Memorable messages, engaging imagery, inspiring calls to action – getting the look and feel right for any communication is vital in establishing a real connection with your audience.

At GNIUS we believe great communication design begins with the audience – what do they need to hear, what do they like to see, what will make your message really important to them?

Once we understand your audience, our artists, designers, copywriters, producers and developers can set about creating the perfect solution – simple, elaborate, involving, hard-hitting, beautiful, functional…whatever the situation demands, but always relevant and always effective.



To make your communications as effective as possible, you need the right mix of channels and activities, tailored specifically for each campaign and audience.

Whether it’s digital, online, mobile, social, events, conference, roadshow, video, audio or print, GNIUS can help you identify and deliver the most engaging vehicles for all your communication needs.