Following an organisational restructure of one of the divisions at Oxford University Press (OUP), the senior management team had identified the need for a new approach to internal communications: supporting the vision and goals of the new division and bringing the individual country teams closer together whilst giving them the flexibility to address local needs.



Recommended Approach

The combination of a newly formed division and a newly created communications function meant that there was very little detailed understanding of the key internal communications issues within the business.

To ensure that any new communications strategy reflected the thoughts of the whole division, clearly addressed real business needs and was supported by credible evidence that would secure approval from the board, GNIUS proposed an initial research project which would then inform both an on-going strategy and a set of initial action plans.

Research programme to listen and measure
GNIUS helped design and deliver a cost-effective but comprehensive research project, combining both quantitative and qualitative approaches. This included

  • Senior Management interviews, to understand what the leadership team expected from internal communications and where the biggest benefits could be achieved.
  • Focus group sessions, held across the business, to develop a deeper understanding of a number of key issues that needed to be addressed.
  • Online employee survey, to benchmark current internal communication performance and give all staff an opportunity to share their views on key issues, needs and preferences both globally and by function and region.

Strategy and Action Plans

GNIUS undertook a full review and analysis of all the interview, focus group and survey responses, and produced a detailed report with a series of key insights and next-step recommendations.

Working with the client, the report recommendations were then developed into a long term Internal Communications strategy with an accompanying action plan which were both approved by the management board.

Making it happen
Over the following months GNIUS helped the communications team implement the approved action plan;

Defining the role of internal communications within the division and beginning to establish an effective internal communications culture

  • Agreeing a set of key internal communications values and principals
  • Developing a communications identity to improve consistency and awareness

Establishing a division-wide internal communications framework that included

  • Planned calendar of events and publications
  • Establishing the intranet at the heart of the communications program,
  • Creation of a division wide network of communications experts – supporting collaboration between different parts of the division
  • Developing more opportunities for employees to share their views on important issues

Developing key messaging, including

  • Vision and strategy
  • Regular division-wide news updates


“GNIUS really helped drive the project forward and provided outstanding professional advice and support. I really don’t think I can fault the service GNIUS has given and I hope to be able to continue with the relationship in the coming years.”  Head of Communications