Communicating major change for a global team

The global HR team of ICI, the multi-national paints and chemicals company part of AkzoNobel, needed help launching their new ‘HR Excellence Programme’. This new programme represented a major change in the way teams would operate in the future and affected a number of global functions.

Recommended Approach
As for any successful change programme the focus for the communication plan was providing a clear picture of the reason for the new programme, outlining the various benefits it would bring, explaining how it would be introduced and what would be expected of everyone involved.

Key to achieving this would be the delivery of consistent messaging, timely updates, regular opportunities to raise questions and on-going user support post-launch.

A Global Solution
A comprehensive communication strategy was developed that engaged the global HR team and supported them right through from introduction to implementation.

The programme was launched with a guide to the major changes underway, closely followed by a ‘Global Kick-Off Event’ which brought together, for the first time, all 75 HR Directors from all over the world.

Over the two day event these leaders were taken through the new programme, given the chance to try it for themselves, ask questions and consider what issues and challenges it might present to their teams and the rest of the organisation.

The event concluded with sessions on how the programme would be rolled out, equipping the team with all the information they needed to cascade throughout the business.

  • An ‘HR Excellence Programme’ brochure and presentation were shared to help introduce and explain the initiative.
  • A visual brand identity was introduced, to help raise awareness, connect the different aspects of the communications activity and ensure consistency.
  • A communications toolkit and supporting collateral were created to help with the on-going briefing process.

It worked so well they wanted more!
Following the successful launch for the HR function, our team went on to develop and deliver programmes for the group IT and Finance functions, as well as working with the management team of the Packaging and Coatings business unit.